Multi Polar RF Device

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Multi Polar RF Device
ABS+Stainless Steel+Zinc Alloy
Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Moisture, Skin Tightening
USA, CAN, UK, AUS, NZ, EUR, ASIA & Worldwide
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Anlan multi-polar RF device diamond series is an all-rounder for facial massage, EMS face lifting, anti-aging, led light therapy, anti-wrinkle and hot cold skin care advanced functions.


Name:Multi Polar RF Device
Material:ABS+Stainless Steel+Zinc Alloy
Weight:Approximately 178g (main unit only)
Power source:USB Rechargeable Battery (1500mAh)
Hot compress temperature:Approximately 38℃, 40℃, 42℃±2℃
Ice compress temperature:Approximately 18℃, 16℃, 14℃±2℃
Warranty:1 year
RF frequency: 1MHZ
Vibration frequency: Approximately 14000RPM
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Working time: 90 minutes
Timing function: Ice for 3 minutes & other modes for 5 minutes
Rated power: ≤6W
Input voltage: 5V/2A
Gear: Three Gear Adjustment
Modes: Cleaning, Induction, Ice, RF, EMS
Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC/KC/PSE/METI filing/UN38.3/MSDS
Style: RF Face Massager
Face & Skincare Accessory

Quantity: 1 piece
Brand: Anlan
Function: Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Moisture, Skin Tightening


1. Ion+ export

Deeply cleans the skin and purifies pores. Can be used with makeup remover. At the same time, it can be used with toner as a secondary cleaner.

2. Ion- import

Promote faster, deeper and more efficient absorption of skin care nutrients. This function can be used while applying mask, after applying essence or cream.

3. Cool compress

Improves acne redness, shrinks pores, and locks in moisture and nutrients. This function can be used after applying all skin care products; it can be used as a first aid after sun exposure, and it can be used for cooling and soothing; it can eliminate eye edema.

4. RF tightening & vibration

Using intelligent mixing technology, on the basis of the original 1MHZ high frequency, a new modulation frequency is added to change the RF amplitude, frequency and waveform. When applied to the skin, it reduces damage to the skin, saves power consumption, improves the user's sense of use, and has a better anti-wrinkle effect. Long-term use has the effects of thinning the face, stimulating collagen regeneration, rejuvenating cells, promoting metabolism, anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting, and reducing fine lines.

5. EMS lifting

Stimulates and massages skin cells, increases cell activity, promotes absorption and proliferation, and makes skin plump and firm.

6. Blue & red light

621±10nm red light, promote collagen regeneration, fight fine lines; 461±10nm blue light, anti-acne and clean skin, shrink pores, balance oil.

One is enough for complete skin care

4 principles for skin care

1. Deep cleaning

2. Deep hydration

3. Nutrient import

4. Dual anti-aging

15 LED lamps | 2 photon therapy

Photon power 2X UP
Restore glossy, elastic, bright skin

Package content

1 x Facial massager
1 x USB charging data cable
2 x Transparent ring
1 x Flannel bag
1 x Makeup remover cotton pad
1 x User manual (English).


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1 year warranty