Ultrasonic Body Slimming Machine

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Ultrasonic Body Slimming Machine
ABS, Metal
Face Body Massage, Beauty Health Enhancement
USA, CAN, UK, AUS, NZ, EUR, ASIA & Worldwide
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Anlan ultrasonic body slimming machine is a face body massager, fat burning, weight loss, high power and efficient RF therapy and waterproof cavitation body slimming device.


Name:Ultrasonic Body Slimming Machine
Material:ABS, Metal
Weight:Approximately 170g (main unit only)
Power source:USB Rechargeable Battery (1100mAh)
Power standard voltage:110V (not included)-220V (not included)
Warranty:1 year
Vibration frequency:9000rpm
Charging time:3 hours
Waterproof level:IPX6
Rated voltage:7.4V
Working time:40 minutes
Ultrasonic frequency:3.2MHz
EMS frequency:80kHz
RF frequency:1.9MHz
Style: Body Slimming Device
Body Skin Care Accessory

Quantity: 1 piece
Brand: Anlan
Function: Face Body Massage, Beauty Health Enhancement, Weight Loss, Fat Burning, RF Face Body Lifting, High Power and Efficient Body Slimming


1. IPX6 waterproof slimming beauty device

Ultrasound × Vibration × RF × EMS Microcurrent × Cosmetic Optical

2. 10 minutes a day of easy modeling

- 2 hours of jogging.
- 1 hour of swimming.
- 1 hour of yoga.
- 300 abdominal exercises.

3. 7 in 1 body beauty device

RF, EMS, CV ultrasound, vibration, red light, blue light, violet light, IPX6 waterproof.

It is heated from the inside with RF "radio waves" of 1.9 MHz

Anlan's patented RF lifting technology increases the contact area with the skin and evenly heats a wide area. Compared to the industry's conventional 1 MHZ technology, ANLAN reaches deeper into the skin muscles and heats the skin sooner.

3.2 MHZ "Ultrasonic CV" x centralized vibration centralized care

EMS efficient from 0 to 80 KHz

Low frequency to high frequency.

3 colors with 12 beauty lights LED light

Creating elastic and beautiful skin while applying makeup.

3 beauty modes

3 beauty modes and 3 levels of intensity adjustment
5 simultaneous functions
(1) Mode 1: Ultrasonic × Vibration × Blue Light - recommended for hard and thick fat areas.
(2) Mode 2: RF x EMS microcurrent x Red Light - recommended for fine and wrinkled skin.
(3) Mode 3: Ultrasound x Vibration x RF x EMS Microcurrent x Violet Light - recommended for areas with loose fat.

IPX6 waterproof

IPX6 waterproof and ready for the bathroom! the electrode surface is washable, easy to clean and maintain.

Easy beauty treatment anywhere

The lightest in the industry! Ultralight 170g design, easy to carry!
Easily reduce fat and beauty anywhere and anytime!
Use scenario: home, business trip, travel"

This can be used to create an ideal body line

【Applicable Parts】 abdomen, chest, biceps, back, thighs, hips.

(1) Dual battery design in series, dual release of RF and ultrasonic energy.
(2) Silicone base for hygienic storage.
(3) 10 minutes automatic shutdown.
(4) USB charging, 1100mah high-capacity battery.

Recommended to use

Recommended to use with ANLAN centella asiatica gel! Maximize the effect of the beauty container.

Mode of use

STEP 1: Apply gel to electrode surface.
STEP 2: Turn it on, select the mode and gear you prefer.
STEP 3: Touch the surface of the electrode to the area to be used and use it while sliding slowly without staying for a long time.
STEP 4: After 30 minutes of use, apply a moisturizing lotion.

Package content

1 x Ultrasonic body slimming machine 
1 x Bottom silicone cover
1 x Storage bag
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User manual.


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1 year warranty